Re: CVS mentor needed

	"Open Source Development with CVS" by Fogel (pub. by Coriolis) is
pretty good.

	My recommendation: set up a CVS server on your "play" Linux box
and experiment.  Set aside a weekend to become a CVS god, and you'll never
have to worry about it again.


On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Fritz Jetzek wrote:

-> Hi,
-> now that I have been granted CVS write access (thanks Martin, Miguel) I
-> am going to spend some time reading the CVS documentation.
-> However, I have gained some experience with CVS several years ago and
-> remember it to be complicated and confusing at times - is there anybody
-> on this list who could act as a mentor for me? 
-> I will probably never have to ask anything, but if trouble arises, it
-> may be better to have someone to talk to, rather than annoy the whole
-> mailing list with off-topic questions.
-> Thanks,
-> Fritz
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