Re: Icons in menu and tasklist: why are they displayed differently?

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Paul Barnfather wrote:

> On an 8 bit display, icons display just fine in the Menu, but are all
> screwed up in the Tasklist.
> Is there any particular reason why this should happen? Tasklist seems
> you use gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable_alpha(), whereas the Menu uses
> gdk_pixbuf_render_pixmap_and_mask() as far as I can tell.
> Is this where the problem lies?
> Is one method correct/incorrect, and (more importantly) why does one
> seem to work better than the other?
> If this is a clueless newbie question, then I apologise ;-)

Sounds like a colourmap or visual mismatch problem.  That is, tasklist is
displaying the icon pixmaps using a different colormap to that which they
were created with.  It sounds like a tasklist bug.



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