Mutliple desktop root windows?

Package:  Enlightenment
Severity: normal
Version:  0.16.4
Synopsis: Mutliple desktop root windows?
Class:    sw-bug

Distribution: Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)
System: Linux 2.2.14-12 i586 unknown
C library: glibc-2.1.3-15
C compiler: egcs-2.91.66
glib: 1.2.8
GTK+: 1.2.8
ORBit: ORBit 0.5.1
gnome-libs: gnome-libs 1.2.0
gnome-core: gnome-core 1.2.0


 This is simply to let you know that even with keybindings.gmc...., when
you leave the 0 desktop (or is it 1?) and try there to left/right click
to get to gmc menus it doesn't work. 

 It also means that drag and drop when using Gnome won't work. 

 Is this a real bug or another political thing? Thanks.

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