Re: [e-develop] Mutliple desktop root windows?

On Wednesday, 31 May 2000, at 22:01:59 (-0400),
Hassan Aurag wrote:

>  This is simply to let you know that even with keybindings.gmc....,
> when you leave the 0 desktop (or is it 1?) and try there to
> left/right click to get to gmc menus it doesn't work.

That is correct.

>  It also means that drag and drop when using Gnome won't work. 

Not really true.  The root window is still there.  You just can't drop
onto it or drag from it.

>  Is this a real bug or another political thing? Thanks.

Neither.  E uses virtual root windows for desktops 1 and higher so
that you can drag them around via the dragbar.  GNOME does not deal
with this well.


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