Re: [e-develop] Mutliple desktop root windows?


 As far as I can see, this is not a gmc bug as Mandrake said, even 
though it has bugs and it is in any case going to die and be replaced. 
The problem is clearer with your explanation below.

 But this means that you can't really drag and drop unless you 
redefine the whole concept to enable dropping onto a virtual root 

 This leads to the following question: How many people use this 
feature and is it needed with the advent of the nifty E pager that 
shows everything?

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On 6/1/00, 2:27:29 AM, Michael Jennings <> wrote 
regarding Re: [e-develop] Mutliple desktop root windows?:

> On Wednesday, 31 May 2000, at 22:01:59 (-0400),
> Hassan Aurag wrote:

> >  This is simply to let you know that even with keybindings.gmc....,
> > when you leave the 0 desktop (or is it 1?) and try there to
> > left/right click to get to gmc menus it doesn't work.

> That is correct.

> >  It also means that drag and drop when using Gnome won't work.

> Not really true.  The root window is still there.  You just can't drop
> onto it or drag from it.

> >  Is this a real bug or another political thing? Thanks.

> Neither.  E uses virtual root windows for desktops 1 and higher so
> that you can drag them around via the dragbar.  GNOME does not deal
> with this well.

> Michael

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