Re: [e-develop] Mutliple desktop root windows?

On  1 Jun, Hassan Aurag scribbled:
->   Ok,
->   As far as I can see, this is not a gmc bug as Mandrake said, even 
->  though it has bugs and it is in any case going to die and be replaced. 
->  The problem is clearer with your explanation below.

the gmc menu stuff is - e reportes the real widnwo id back to gmc (the
virtual root) - -gmc just doesnt accept it. lats i looked at the code E
passed on the right events. it was up to gmc to act on them.

->   But this means that you can't really drag and drop unless you 
->  redefine the whole concept to enable dropping onto a virtual root 
->  window.

yup- gmc doesn thandle drops on virtual roots - its nto E  realyl - its
gmc not handlign its windows being children of a widnwo other than the

->   This leads to the following question: How many people use this 
->  feature and is it needed with the advent of the nifty E pager that 
->  shows everything?

I do - i just dont use gmc... i use efm :)

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