Re: [e-develop] Mutliple desktop root windows?

On Thursday, 01 June 2000, at 04:06:39 (+0000),
Hassan Aurag wrote:

> As far as I can see, this is not a gmc bug as Mandrake said, even
> though it has bugs and it is in any case going to die and be
> replaced.  The problem is clearer with your explanation below.

The menus don't appear because you're not clicking on the root window,
so gmc doesn't get the click.  When you do click on the root window,
gmc steals the event.

The bug in gmc is the fact that it encroaches on the root window,
which historically has been (and should be) the domain of the window
manager.  The correct behavior would be to set up a line of
communication between the WM and gmc so that the WM would notify gmc
of button events on the desktop.

> But this means that you can't really drag and drop unless you
> redefine the whole concept to enable dropping onto a virtual root
> window.

Again, you are confusing DnD from/to the desktop with DnD in general.
DnD between applications should still work without issue.  If it
doesn't, there's another bug in GNOME.  DnD from/to the desktop,
however, is another matter.

> This leads to the following question: How many people use this
> feature

Many do.

> and is it needed with the advent of the nifty E pager that shows
> everything?

Nothing is ever *needed*.  That's not what E is about.  It's about
freedom of choice.

The solution to your issue is to use "virtual desktops" rather than
"multiple desktops."  If you use a single desktop with a virtual area
of, say, 3 screens by 3 screens, you'll get the basic equivalent of 9
desktops, but they'll all be the root window, so gmc will still get
the clicks.  The only drawback is that all 9 will have the same
background image, but since you're using gmc on the desktop, you
probably don't mind that.


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