Hi, I'm using libglade in a gnome application I'm developing, and have
noticed some oddities. I just need to know whether it's my fault or
a bug in libglade/glade.

1) I've specified key accelerators for certain menu items in the menu
editor. All shortcuts are shown in glade. But when I run the compiled
app (with libglade), only the shortcuts for stock menu items are shown.

2) I've specified a logo to be shown in the about window. Glade shows
the about window just fine. But the about window in the compiled
app is missing the logo.

I also have another request for glade. Currently, when inserting pixmaps
(GtkPixmaps or GnomePixmaps), only the filename of the image files are
written into the .glade XML file. Could the path of the image file
relative to the .glade file be included as well. That way I don't need
to put my .glade file in the same directory as my pixmaps.

Thanx in advance for any help.

	= L

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