Mac-style menus

Back in February i volunteered to do this, but at the time i had
a crappy job which left me with no free time. Now, i have a
better job and more free time, so i'm ready to do it.

I'm still convinced that the best way to do this is to create a
Menu Applet which apps will send their menus to. Back when i
volunteered, Havoc mentioned the bonobo-ui-handler stuff. I've
been looking at that and it looks like it would be a big help. I
know that all apps in Gnome 2 will already use CORBA, but what
about Bonobo? If i can't use this stuff, i'll just borrow code
from it.

I plan to make this completely transparent to apps. The work of
getting the menus to the applet would all be handled in the
GnomeApp menu code. All the user has to do is add the applet to a
panel and check an option in gnomecc. Apps will then
automatically use the menu applet.

The relevant message can be found at
and the thread began at

On a completely unrelated note, why are the gnome-lists archived
with whatever software that is? It does threading horribly, and
screws up MIME. Take a look at the Debian list archives
( to see MHonArc
( in action. It's
much better.

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