Re: FYI: Mac OS X Desktop

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Liam Quin wrote:

> Derek Simkowiak wrote:
> > 	Now that I think of it, I only saw an image being minimized, so
> > it's possible that the shrinking only happens to "image" (i.e., PNG, JPG,
> > etc.) files.
> Early versions of NeWS did this to all windows. Iconfiied terminals
> could actually have live icons, so you could easily see if there was
> any sudden activity.

Straight xterm can do this with the +ai (active icon) switch.  Its not
quite the same as having all apps do it, but terminals are one of the
useful apps to have active icons.

> Sun stopped, I think for performance reasons.  A 68020 wasn't up to it.
> Lee



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