Re: FYI: Mac OS X Desktop

James Henstridge wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Liam Quin wrote:
> > Early versions of NeWS did this to all windows. Iconfiied terminals
> > could actually have live icons, so you could easily see if there was
> > any sudden activity.
> Straight xterm can do this with the +ai (active icon) switch.  Its not
> quite the same as having all apps do it, but terminals are one of the
> useful apps to have active icons.

Another useful xterm trick is to use translations to change the
font when the mouse enters and leaves the window. Change the font
to "tiny" when the mouse leaves, and restore the font when the mouse
enters the window.  The result is a live xterm that goes icon-sized
when the mouse pointer is not inside it.


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