slow Remote X-windows displaying...

Hi Everybuddy,

Let me first explain my setup. I have a 10baseT network. My laptop is
my workhorse and I decided today to work on my desktop by using it as
a X server. The applications are actually running on my laptop,
displayed on the desktop by using ssh X forwarding mechanism.

I have noticed that the refresh of Gnome window is very slow, specially
compared to other types of windows, for example, Netscape. 

Netscape is very quickly redisplayed (less than one second) while
everybuddy takes around 3-4 seconds or even more for two chat
windows. Gnumeric seems slower.

Do anybody know why is this true? Is there something that can be done
to gnome/gtk to make it faster? 

Also, is there a way to add an applet to the panel that runs on a
different machine? For instance, I want to have the mail check applet
on my panel, but the applet should run in my laptop and the panel is
running on my desktop. If I try to run an applet remotely, it either
does not do anything, or it crashes the panel.

Thansk for any help or insight into the problem.

Daniel M. German                  "Compared to the real life, 
                                   even the best on-line "virtual spaces"
    The Economist ->                are cartoons"


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