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On 6/12/00, 6:33:13 PM, Federico Mena Quintero <> 
wrote regarding Re: GMC icons/text and future nautilus:

> Hassan Aurag <> writes:

> >  Now, all those nice GMC icons on my desktop have text under them,
> > which I need in order to recognize all those files.
> >
> >  Depending on what theme one uses those text labels are white, yellow,
> > black ....
> >
> >  The problem is that it can happen that your theme gives white text
> > and the background too is white-ish.
> >
> >  So my suggestion would be to have all those text bubbles, either:
> >     
> >     -have their own background and not a transparent one. I don't like
> > this
> >
> >     -Or better yet, make the text area (the base rectangle) be
> > transparent with shading exactly like what gnome-terminal or Eterm do
> > in transparent mode.

> You can set the icons' text to be set against a solid background.
> Look in the Settings/Preferences box.

 True but that was choice one that I find hateful. It really is ugly. 

 I was really suggesting a shaded semi-transparent thing that would 
always make sure the font color shows. If you have a look at Eterm, 
you can see with various tests that brightness is really the way to 

 A default 75% brightness would be great for most users. Advanced 
users could set it to lower values or higher or simply the ugly number 
1 choice.

>   Federico

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