Re: Rebooting and halting the system in gnome

> Is there any way of normal users to reboot or halt the machine
> without being prompted for they password?? I think such an option
> should be located in the Control Centre, but it isn't.

While it would obviously be a bad idea to allow remotely-logged-in users to 
shut down a machine, there is not much point in stopping users who are sitting 
at the console from doing so. After all, they have the power switch in front 
of them. Allowing users to shut down the machine safely is preferable to 
making them resort to hitting the power switch.

Is there any way of finding out whether a user initially logged in at the 
console? (Not the tty they are currently using, the one they logged in on.) I 
guess this is an OS-specific question? You would probably need to modify 
/sbin/shutdown to find out the user's tty. (?)


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