Re: Rebooting and halting the system in gnome

 Under RH 6.2 and I guess other flavors, once logged out, gdm allows 
you to halt, reboot machine without any password.

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> > Is there any way of normal users to reboot or halt the machine
> > without being prompted for they password?? I think such an option
> > should be located in the Control Centre, but it isn't.

> While it would obviously be a bad idea to allow remotely-logged-in 
users to
> shut down a machine, there is not much point in stopping users who are 
> at the console from doing so. After all, they have the power switch in 
> of them. Allowing users to shut down the machine safely is preferable 
> making them resort to hitting the power switch.

> Is there any way of finding out whether a user initially logged in at 
> console? (Not the tty they are currently using, the one they logged in 
on.) I
> guess this is an OS-specific question? You would probably need to 
> /sbin/shutdown to find out the user's tty. (?)

 Yes there is, I am not sure how it works, but I guess it looks for 
your tty to see where you are logged from.

> Michael

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