Re: Unison

Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:

> > > 
> > > Wait till the GTK/COBOL bindings. :-)
> > 
> > Naaa.
> > 
> > I have design notes for a set of working FORTRAN GTK bindings.
> That would rock.  There is a lot of legacy fortran code that could really
> benefit with being able to use GTK as a toolbox.  I think it would be
> quite cool.  Using fortran as a scripting language for scientific
> calculations would be interesting if not twisted reason for the
> bindings. ;)

fortran is just horribly painful for anything but numerical
computation. Certainly fortran 77.

IMO - the right way of writing a UI for fortran is to 
link the fortran together with C code, or better a scripting
language, to do the UI.

I did this a long time ago with Tcl/Tk, and f2c. It should be
much easier/nicer with g77, python, and PyGTK.


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