Re: Unison

> fortran is just horribly painful for anything but numerical
> computation. Certainly fortran 77.

This certainly has been my only experience with fortran.  It's been quite
sometime late 80s I would surmise was the last time I touched fortran.

> IMO - the right way of writing a UI for fortran is to 
> link the fortran together with C code, or better a scripting
> language, to do the UI.

I think that ability is already there in some newer versions of
fortran.  But don't callme on that.  If anything one possibly could
simulate fortran using Guile.

> I did this a long time ago with Tcl/Tk, and f2c. It should be
> much easier/nicer with g77, python, and PyGTK.

Yes, with g77 you can probably embed C into the source using some compiler
directives.  But I think I would rather let the researchers work out how
they want to integrate such a beast! :-)


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