Re: Probably not the good list, but...

Look at the drag and drop section in gtk reference documentation.
You'll also need to read about selections.

There's an example called testdnd.c with gtk sources I think.


"Florent. Devin" wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone tell me how we can do drag and drop in Gnome and Gtk ?
> I've read :
> Drag-and-Drop in GTK+ and GNOME - by Owen Taylor
> but I found nothing of interest for me!
> I'd like to have a example of how we initialize widget, and how we call
> the drag'n drop functions.
> Till now, I've done Drag'n Drop 'by hand'. I mean that I handle
> evenment,
> and do the appropriate thing to emulate a drag'n drop. I'm sure there's
> a better way, but I don't find anything in the Gtk or Gnome tutorial,
> paper, ...
> If you don't have example, tell me the step to do to initialize a DnD

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