Re: Mac-style menus

> > * Let the Menu Applet control the window manager's focus policy. Window 
> >   manager writers will not love you.
> Bad idea. Menu applets don't manage windows, window managers do.

I couldn't agree more - I wish your were on the wm-spec-list. ;)
> > * Assume that users have enough common sense not to use Mac-style menus with 
> >   a sloppy-focus window manager. Somebody will claim that their mother does 
> >   not have this much sense.
> If the default were made click-to-focus this won't be a problem.
> > * Implement the feature in a window manager.
> Bad idea. Window managers manage windows, not provide menu
> applets.

The panel can swallow windows provided by other applications, so the window 
manager doesn't have to provide an applet, just a window. Then it will work in 
the absence of the panel too, if the user wants that real vintage MacOS look. ;)
> Doing it with an applet allows the user to place the menus and
> toolbars wherever they want: at the top, on the bottom, or on the
> sides. I was thinking that placing the applet in a vertical panel
> would make the menus vertical, like when you detach a menu with
> the perforation item.

Good idea. Could still be done with Xlib by adding an orientation property to 
the swallowed window, which can be updated by the panel, but obviously it's up 
to you how you do it since you're writing the code.

> What you suggest does not offer this flexibility. What i'm doing
> isn't difficult, anyway, so i don't see why i shouldn't do it the
> right way.

Neither do I, I just thought the wrong way would be easier. But you're 
right, a proper menu applet would be the most flexibke solution.


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