Re: Mac-style menus

For what it's worth, Sun's open look ui implementation (OpenWindows)
provided a visual keyboard and a function keys window.  These were
separate windows, so if you didn't have click-to-focus, they were
difficult (not impossible) to use.  They had the concept of a current
owner of the function keys.

As for gnome, tear-off menus might be a way to combine the two interfaces,
and if the window manager could combine the menu bar with the window's
title bar, lots of people would love you for saving all that space.

Maybe menu bars that "rolled up" into one or other side of the window
title bar or into a little parcel would be convenient too.

Lee (Ankh on IRC)

Liam Quin - Barefoot in Toronto - -
Ankh on
Co-author, The XML Specification Guide, Wiley, 1999
Forthcoming: The Open Source XML Database Toolkit

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