Re: [Gnome-print] Re: GnomeFont state of affairs

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Miguel de Icaza <> writes: >
> > I think we need parity of goals here.  My goal is to make GNOME
> > succeed, to make it ubiquitous, and to make it the best desktop
> > environment in the world.  So I am doing everything I can to make that
> > happen.
> >
> That's a stupid goal. The goal should be to make free software
> succeed. GNOME is a means to an end. Don't lose sight of that.
> Havoc

Um, everyone has their own goals, yes?  If one person decides to further
GNOME along, that DOES help open source, no?  Remember the idea behind UNIX
command line utilities... each is small and has one specific purpose... and
thus they work together very well.  Perhaps generalizing the font library
being talked about here wouldn't be that great an idea... I mean, there
already are a bunch of general font libraries.  This one seems to be geared
towards making them all usable under GNOME.  I mean, why don't we just make
gnome-print generic enough for console apps?  Why don't we make
gnome-applets work as Epplets and as WindowMaker dock-apps as well?  Some
things should be oriented towards only a single development platform
(GNOME in this case) because it wouldn't make sense to do so otherwise.  I
do understand wanting to make it a GTK compatible thing (and I actually
don't see why it can't be... you're idea there is very well founded), but
otherwise let's remember we each have our own goals... if Miguel and others
didn't try to push GNOME so hard, it wouldn't succeed, and would be beat by
desktops like Win32 or Apple... that won't help free software much at all,
now, will it?

And please don't think I'm now trying to bash Havoc... not so.  :)  I hate
flame-wars, and I really don't want to start one.  ~,^  But just remember:
Each unto his own way, for they all lead to the same goal.  Well, something
like that.  It'd work if you looked at it in the philosophical sense,
anyways.  I mean, different roads don't necessarily lead to the same house,
but you know what I mean.  Let each do his part.  If we weren't all for
free software, we'd all be out buying $180 proprietary operating system
'upgrades' right now.  ^,^

Sean Middleditch
 of the Tired Yet Thoughtful Mind

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