Re: GnomeFont state of affairs

I am at a customer's site this week and don't have time for much
email, unfortunately...

Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Consider this: if GnomeFont and gnome-print are really useful,
> shouldn't they be integrated with the GTK widgets? This has been a big
> deal with GdkPixbuf; GtkImage, gdk_window_set_icon(), GtkCList, all
> these GTK widgets should be able to use pixbufs. If GdkPixbuf still
> depended on libgnomeui, that couldn't happen.

Yes, I agree.  One of the delightful things about the NeWS tolkit
(in 3.0 at least) was its used of the same font and graphics primitives
everywhere -- any label or text could have its font set, always in the same
way, and always drawing on the same set of fonts and the same font cache.

So you get benefits to the programmer and to the application designer
as well as to the efficiency of the software, and libraries that can
be used by more people.


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