CORBA basics


Where can I find some basic documents on using CORBA? All I can find are
pages about how to use specific ORBs from your program (pages like `Here
is Hello World written in C, using ORBit'), but these all seem to lose the
big view.
I'd like to query OAF from a Java program, but I have no idea how to make
Java's tnameserv communicate with ORBit's name server, or if this is what
I need to do at all. I tought it would simply be a matter of not using
tnameserv at all and connecting to ORBit directly, but I couldn't find
where the TCP port of ORBit is specified. I think I'm totally lost here, I
don't know what to connect to what and how it should be done. All I see is
that without any special magic, simply trying to access OAF thru its IOR
as stored in /tmp/orbit-$USER/reg.IDL:OAF_ActivationContext:1.0 from a
Java program does not work, and I don't even know if it's supposed to
Could someone point me to introductory documentation to CORBA itself, and
making the various parts work with each other?


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