Re: CORBA basics

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, ERDI Gergo wrote:

> Where can I find some basic documents on using CORBA? All I can find are
> pages about how to use specific ORBs from your program (pages like `Here
> is Hello World written in C, using ORBit'), but these all seem to lose the
> big view.
> I'd like to query OAF from a Java program, but I have no idea how to make
> Java's tnameserv communicate with ORBit's name server, or if this is what
> I need to do at all. I tought it would simply be a matter of not using
> tnameserv at all and connecting to ORBit directly, but I couldn't find
> where the TCP port of ORBit is specified. I think I'm totally lost here, I
> don't know what to connect to what and how it should be done. All I see is
> that without any special magic, simply trying to access OAF thru its IOR
> as stored in /tmp/orbit-$USER/reg.IDL:OAF_ActivationContext:1.0 from a
> Java program does not work, and I don't even know if it's supposed to
> work.
> Could someone point me to introductory documentation to CORBA itself, and
> making the various parts work with each other?

Thought about this for about 1.5 years ago then I was into writing
globaly distributed Java applications using JDK's CORBA with tnameserv.
I find the idea ammusing that you could have a 100% windows application
running on the other side of the globe interacting with your GNOME desktop
using CORBA/IIOP. Anyway you should be able to get any CORBA standards
complicant ORB to speak to ORBit, dont now about OAF thu. By the way
ORBit listens on port 36156 (run 'lsof -p <pid_of_orbit_name_server>'

- bln

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