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 I am not an expert but you shouldn't need any info or man pages. All 
you need are html help files to put where they should that is under 
something like /usr/share/gnome/help..... It's all in Havoc's book and 
probably on developer web site.

 To learn about binary rpms is simple. Just head to and 
look at their docs. The other thing is to look at a sample *.spec file 
in any *.src.rpm after installing it or even most gnome *.tar.gz 

 Basically, you need to tell srpm where the sources are, what the 
.configure command is, what is your make command.

 The only real thing you need to do is list all the files that should 
go in binary rpm, but you could stuff like:


 Again your best bet is online docs and sample spec files.

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On 6/19/00, 7:58:18 PM, Ken Schrock <> wrote 
regarding What now?:

> I am a former Window user and developer...
> Who has just finished my first thing for Linux...
> (An X interface for sox, to record and play sound files...
>   cut, copy, paste, convert type, add effects, etc.)...
> The programming with Glade-Gnome-Gtk was easy...
> I have the source, executable, icons, help, etc...
> I have turned it all into a tarball.

> Now what do I do?

> Do I absolutely need man or info pages?
> How do I make one or the other?
> How do I make a binary RPM?

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> Ken Schrock

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