Re: [Gnome-print] Re: GnomeFont state of affairs


I think it is generaly bad to bundle products for "political" reasons
as: "gnome will be the only one" or "to promote (L)GPL software".
It's best just to provide good software with good licenses and make the
users aware that all their software should:

BUT do not bundle software together just too make it GNOME!!

I don't like if the commercial companys do so without good reason, so
the GNU project should NOT too.

Software is of most use, if any project can use it, not just the ones
that directly promote GNOME.

I think such an font system is a big amount of work that should be
usable as widely as possible.

I think it should have as few as possible dependenices(ofcause without
not using anything that is needed).

  ==> include eyery thing that is needed, but don't tie it to much to
gnome so that the server can be use from anywhere and the effort is not

Thanx for reading,   Martin

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