Re: NumLock and Windows key

On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 at 06:20:04PM -0400 or thereabouts, Sean Thomas Middleditch wrote:
> When I configure my Windows key to open the menu, it only works with the
> NumLock off... apparantly, two different codes are generated for this
> key whether NumLock is on or off.  Is this a keymap specific thing (I'm
> using the stock English keymap for Linux-Mandrake 7.0)?  If not, is
> there an easy fix for this?  Perhaps allowing multiple keys to open the
> menu... (for example, only my left Windows key works, the right one
> generates yet another key-code.).

Whilst reading the docs for my window manager (Window Maker) I came
across the way to enable keyboard mouse control for anything in X.
(which I have posted repeatedly before and won't bore people with 
again). The point is that it's enabled with a combination of keys
including the numberlock key. This is all something to do with the
"XKB extension" (extension to X, I think). So I would assume that
X recognises the numberlock key and uses it for magic things and
cares about whether it's on or off. 

If anyone wants to elaborate, feel free. I have the nasty feeling it
is all explained in the XKB/ file in the X docs, but that's
hard. (Believe me. I just peeked there and now I'm running away. Fast.)

For configuring keys to do things, I tend to use the xkeycaps program
( or with luck on your favourite distro CD)
but I have no idea whether it will do things like bind to a menu. I
just use it to turn all caps lock keys into control keys :)


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