CORBA Component Model

Hi all:

	As this list involves components and CORBA (the main forces behind 
Bonobo and, by extension, the GNOME project), it's possible that some 
subscribers have interest in the new CORBA component model (CCM), that
will be part of the new CORBA 3.0 specification. 

	As part of my PhD thesis work, I've prepared some slides with an
bird's eye view of this new model. I hope this model to influence later
components development based on CORBA (including Bonobo), so I personally
find it very interesting for the GNOME community.

	You can access the slides in

where you can browse them in HTML format or download a Postscript or PDF
copy of the slides.

	I hope this would help understanding this model.
	Please, feel free to comment/critizice it (as well as my slides
on it ;-).

	Best regards.
	Saludos desde Espa~na.

Diego Sevilla Ruiz - -
Departamento de Ingeniería y Tecnología de Computadores
Facultad de Informática. Universidad de Murcia
Campus de Espinardo - 30080 Murcia (SPAIN). Tel. +34-968-367570
\huge d\em\kern-.36em\lower-.2ex\hbox{\small sevilla}\

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"\@".     "\007f".   "DDq".           "DD5".   "\204".
"\@".     "DT4CE".    "D54E".         "DD".    "\244".
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"GDAG".   "DAGDT".       "CqI";$c     =0;$p    =5;for$q
(/./g)    {$q=              ord$q;    for(a,   b){$z[$c]
=$@[$p+=($q&15)    -4];$q>>=4;$c+=33  ;$c>98   &&($c-=98);}};print@z;

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