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    I'm hoping to get better luck to a question I posed on the
gnome-list mailing list a couple of weeks ago, and
only got one response to.  Here is the issue I have.  I usually like to
go to the bleeding edge with gnome, and
check the modules out from CVS. What I observe is if I do a

    cvs -q update -Pd

on my system in any particular module I will get updates only if the
source changes were entered into the CVS base prior to 5:00 AM local
time, i.e. 5:00 AM Arizona time.  Any changes made to the base after
time I will not pickup until the next morning, i.e. my updates are
always 24hrs out of data from what is in
the CVS tree. The way I determine what has been checked into the tree is
to go to the following site:

and query all packages within the last 8 hours sorted by date. I then
look at what the version of a particular
file that got updated in my repository is versus what is listed as a
result of the above query, and I find that
often times there have been 2 or 3 changes in that file listed than the
version I have. For example, I just did
an update to the bonobo module, it is now 8:00 PM Arizona time, and the
version of ChangeLog that got pulled down in the update is 1.422.
However, according to the query I did the most recent version is 1.425.
time that this change went in is listed in the left column as 06/28/2000
14:23. So assuming these dates are
EDT the last change went in at 11:23 AM Arizona time, and as I said it
is now 8:00 PM and I don't see these
latest changes.

The question I have is why are the source mirrors so out of sync with
the main source base?  If this is the
normal behavior then it would seem to me that the site at should
be updated to reflect the fact that you may not get the latest source,
rather than indicate the misleading statement "If you want to be on the
bleeding edge of GNOME development, you need to get sources from CVS". I
have tried through 2 different connections, one via work which goes
through a firewall and the
other via my ISP which does not use a firewall, I get the same behavior
in both cases.

Related to this is the fact that one of the mirror sites, ip address, has not responded to any
connect requests in weeks, if ever.

So, who should I direct any problems/questions regarding read access to
CVS to?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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