gdk-pixbuf port to Win32/mingw32

To whom it concerns,

I am currently "porting" (mostly Makefiles arrangements) gdk-pixbuf
to the mingw32 environment.
To date I could produce a dll of gdk-pixbuf 0.8, which I haven't tested which
is buggy anyway (GNU/Unix-ism are still there).

What remains to be done is:
- make dynamic modules;
- port it to a native environment (my mingw32 toolkit 
		is a cross platform toolchain);
- make gnome-gdkpixbuf if *ever* Gnome is ported to mingw32
- fix some bugs in the Makefile/configure setup;
- port sigsetjmp and siglongjmp to Win32 (I am currently using the
		non-sig versions, which may or may not be bad);

I would like to know who is the right person to contact for this.
Configure doesn't fail when it notices that we are cross-compiling, so I
guess somebody is already in charge of this ?

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