Session management?

I have a problem with session management in Gnome. I create my applet in
the main() loop. And this is where I want to load my settings. But the
applet will not use the same session preferences file the next time I
start the applet. Some of my code:

  applet_widget_init(PACKAGE, VERSION, argc, argv, NULL, 0, NULL);
  battstat->applet = applet_widget_new(PACKAGE);
  gnome_config_push_prefix (APPLET_WIDGET(battstat->applet)->privcfgpath);
  g_print("Path load %s\n", APPLET_WIDGET(battstat->applet)->privcfgpath);
  battstat->red_val = gnome_config_get_int ("batt/red_val=15");
  gnome_config_pop_prefix ();

  gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(battstat->applet),"save_session",

static gint
applet_save_session(GtkWidget *w, char *privcfgpath, char *globcfgpath, 
		    gpointer data) 
  ProgressData *battstat = data;

  gnome_config_push_prefix (privcfgpath);
  gnome_config_set_int ("batt/red_val", battstat->red_val);
  g_print("Path2 save: %s\n",APPLET_WIDGET(battstat->applet)->privcfgpath);
  g_print("Path3: save %s\n", privcfgpath);
  g_print("Red: %d\n", battstat->red_val);
  gnome_config_pop_prefix ();

  gnome_config_drop_all ();

  return FALSE;
  w = NULL;

And when I run the applet my g_print()s print this:
% ./battstat_applet 

Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
Path load: /panel.d/default/Applet_Dummy/
Path2 save: /panel.d/default/Applet_Dummy/
Path3: save /panel.d/default/Applet_209_Extern/
Red: 15

And if I quit the applet and start it again the "Path3 save" will display
something else. Which means that my previous settings will not be loaded.

I've downloaded the gnome-applets-1.1.90 and put in some g_prints in the
corresponding places and they exhibit the exact same behavior. (For
example, the gnotes & diskusage applets are not working. They will at
least get a new /panel.d/default/Applet_???_Extern/ name every time.)

Is something wrong with my GNOME installation? What could it be?


Jörgen Pehrson
"i must say the linux community is a lot nicer than the unix
community. a negative comment on unix would warrent death
threats. with linux, it is like stirring up a nest of butterflies."
             -- Ken Thompson. 1999

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