Re: GNOME Hello with CORBA support

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > Hello GNOMEs,
> > you can get this simple application from tonight in
> >
> >
> >
> > It is based on "gnorba-helper" that makes easy to develop simple apps with
> > CORBA support: client, server or client-server apps.
> Hola Jose,
>    This application is nice, but it is a bit more complicated than it
> should and it is also limited in terms of the control of the life
> cycle of this object (for instance, there is no way to shut it down
> nor to create various instances of the object).

Hola Miguel (my english is bad because I didn't have to write for four years

Shut down is implemented. If you kill client, you'll kill server. In the other
hand the shut down functionality is not in the GUI, but this is not a problem
because is in IDL. Also, making  servers or clients without knowing CORBA is
the most important, not this simple example.
	About controling the life cycle of objects is determined in their CORBA
	The main purpose (of gnorba-helper) is providing a CORBA interface to all
developed GNOME applications making the least changes possible. In this way,
gedit (or other GNOME app) would be accessible through CORBA changing line
"gnome_init (...)" to "gnome_CORBA_init_server (...)", defining IDL and
linking CORBA methods to implemented gedit methods. I'm sure that Bonobo is
more complicated.

>    I suggest people take a look at bonobo/samples/bonobo-class

Bonobo is a component model that is at other level, the same as OLE in Windows
-I think-. I repeat that my intentions isn't making a component model, only
providing to all GNOME apps a CORBA interface in order to rise a really GNU
Network Object Model Environment. If all GNOME apps would have a CORBA
interface, then G.N.O.M.E. will become true and anything GNOME app could use
other one.
	I think developing an embedable object (that bonobo does) is really important
thing, but the fact of incorporating capacity for managing this type of
objects to a simple app is a quite heavy target.
	We have to let accessibility to all G.N.O.M.E. apps to don't reinvent the
wheell; for instance, someone questioned days ago for the existance of an
application that has implemented GNOME editor interface. I'm sure that more
developers wondered it or similar things before (I was looking for an editor
months ago) and finally had to code.

> Miguel.

Best regards,

Josť Antonio.

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