Re: Packaging formats

At 02:01 PM 3/9/00 -0500, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:
Being usually just a lurker, I wanted to voice my opinion real quick. These
guys are doing what was doing for KDE - hosting, for lots of
distributions, packages that are easy to download. Many distros (Debian
comes to mind, and yes, I use it) had Gnome but not KDE. Many distros can't
keep up with the speed of either environment. I think it's a easy way to
keep up with various packages for your distro. They don't appear to be
forcing everyone to one package format, or one RPM file. Each distro
appears to have packages separately compiled and made for them. Personally,
I can't wait until they support Debian, then I'm gonna fire it up! And for
those who WANT to compile source, or for those maintaining those packages,
they can use the .tar.gz files. More power to them.

Note: The above is MY opinion, ONLY my opinion, and DOES NOT represent
anyone else's opinion unless they say so.

>Look, folks, we've had this discussion before.
>RPM, deb, BSD ports., etc. are all wonderful, but GNOME is not limited to 
>those systems.  And NO, requiring J. Random Solaris/Irix/HPUX/etc. user to 
>install dpkg/apt or rpm or etc. first won't fly.  Nor will saying "but only 
>the Linux users matter", unless *you* want to be marginalized.
>.tar.gz is used for a reason.  No, it's not pretty, it's not fancy, it's 
>not the Linux version of Windows.  IT IS PORTABLE.

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