Re: Packaging formats

On Thursday, March 09, 2000 11:05 AM -0500, Matthew C Barry 
<> wrote:
| Packaging is definitely cool, but .deb is LIGHT YEARS ahead of .rpm.  I
| mean, keeping rpm compatibility is... neato.  But... debian packages are

Look, folks, we've had this discussion before.

RPM, deb, BSD ports., etc. are all wonderful, but GNOME is not limited to 
those systems.  And NO, requiring J. Random Solaris/Irix/HPUX/etc. user to 
install dpkg/apt or rpm or etc. first won't fly.  Nor will saying "but only 
the Linux users matter", unless *you* want to be marginalized.

.tar.gz is used for a reason.  No, it's not pretty, it's not fancy, it's 
not the Linux version of Windows.  IT IS PORTABLE.

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