Frigging Packaging formats useless discussion


So deb is light years ahead of rpm. I don't give a damn thing about 
that. Gnome users, if they happen to come massively to existence won't 
give a shit either.

At best they'd love the fact that they can track files and know which 
one goes where. NO average Joe/Jane is ever going to type apt-get, rpm 
-Uvh ftp://.... or whatever it is.

They want to click and be done and they are right. So leave it to 
software makers to have installers that fit rpm/deb or just rpm for 
all I care.

For normal users, rpm is more than enough so ditch deb or make it 
available for power users who until now represent at most 4% of the 
computing population worldwide, dammit.

Ciao and peace

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