Re: Does swallowing with the panel work?

* Ondrej Popp ( wrote:
> Hi,
> I am just migrating from fvwm2 to Enlightenment and the gnome desktop.
> Wow! this looks so great heheeh!
> I have almost everythinhg set up now, however there is one issues I am
> going to need some help with,
> I am having trouble with swallowing 'normal applications' in the gnome
> panel. Applets work OK, but with an app, the panel freezes on me until I
> fire up the app manualy. Then I see new space being created inside the
> panel, the app is resized to accomodate this space but it stays on the
> desktop. I am not sure if this is a panel issue or an E issue though..
> Ondrej

Enlightenment does not allow the window reparenting undertaken by the
panel to perform swallowing. This won't work properly under e for this

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