Re: Patch for gnome-libs

>>>> "JH" == James Henstridge <> writes:


>> No, this patch is only needed by gnome_init()

JH> But with your patch, unless you change where the gtkrc files are
JH> installed, then they won't be found.  The way things are set up at the
JH> moment is consistent.  It may be better to store the gtkrc files under
JH> $(datadir)/gnome but since they aren't at the moment, your patch will only
JH> break things.

Yes and ... no

I don't patch, but after make install, I move the gtkrc
files to $(datadir)/gnome

A patch for is necessary of course.


JH> If you are suggesting that some file locations be moved, just say it.
JH> This is a good time to bring up these sort of issues, as the change can be
JH> included in the upgrade to gnome-libs-2.0 (assuming the change makes
JH> sense).

Follow the FHS is a good reason.


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