Re: Patch for gnome-libs

On 11 Mar 2000, Christian Marillat wrote:

> >>>> "JH" == James Henstridge <> writes:
> JH> It looks like that second patch is only needed because of some of
> JH> the other patches applied to the debian gnome packages.
> No, this patch is only needed by gnome_init()

But with your patch, unless you change where the gtkrc files are
installed, then they won't be found.  The way things are set up at the
moment is consistent.  It may be better to store the gtkrc files under
$(datadir)/gnome but since they aren't at the moment, your patch will only
break things.

> >> From gnome-libs/libgnomeui/
> JH>  gtkrcdir = $(datadir)
> JH>  gtkrc_DATA = gtkrc ...
> If I'm right, this is only needed by make install.
> JH> So the code in gnome-init.c is correct without debian patches to
> JH> gnome-libs.  Either integrate the gtkrc patch in with the other
> JH> debian gnome patches or remove the patches that mangle the file
> JH> locations (or convince us that the files are in the wrong
> JH> position).
> Quoting from the FHS:
> 4.8 /usr/share : Architecture-independent data
> [...]
> Any program or package which contains or requires data that doesn't
> need to be modified should store that data in /usr/share (or
> /usr/local/share, if installed locally).  It is recommended that a
> subdirectory be used in /usr/share for this purpose.

If you are suggesting that some file locations be moved, just say it.
This is a good time to bring up these sort of issues, as the change can be
included in the upgrade to gnome-libs-2.0 (assuming the change makes

> Christian


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