Re: Patch for gnome-libs

>>>> "JH" == James Henstridge <> writes:

JH> It looks like that second patch is only needed because of some of
JH> the other patches applied to the debian gnome packages.

No, this patch is only needed by gnome_init()

>> From gnome-libs/libgnomeui/
JH>  gtkrcdir = $(datadir)
JH>  gtkrc_DATA = gtkrc ...

If I'm right, this is only needed by make install.

JH> So the code in gnome-init.c is correct without debian patches to
JH> gnome-libs.  Either integrate the gtkrc patch in with the other
JH> debian gnome patches or remove the patches that mangle the file
JH> locations (or convince us that the files are in the wrong
JH> position).

Quoting from the FHS:

4.8 /usr/share : Architecture-independent data


Any program or package which contains or requires data that doesn't
need to be modified should store that data in /usr/share (or
/usr/local/share, if installed locally).  It is recommended that a
subdirectory be used in /usr/share for this purpose.


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