Helix stuff...

I don't exactly know if this belongs in this list, but here it goes
anyway. I just installed the helix "version" of GNOME and it worked
pretty good, but there is one thing that I feel was really misplaced. 

I grown used to having raise/lower window on Alt-F1/F2 and when I fired
up sawmill it didn't work any more. My old key bindings were still
there, but they didn't work. I found, after about some investigation,
that there is an option in panel configuration that grabs the keys
before sawmill. This is bad IMHO. It feels like the panel take's over
some of the responsibilities that the window manager is supposed to
have. I think that the key binding stuff should be in one place
otherwise it will confuse the user (and it did this time and I'm used to
fixing stuff...).

Maybe this should have been posted on the some helix/gui/window spec
list, in that case I apologize.

BTW, nice release guys and I hope that I finally can get my a** out the
wagon and contribute some code, now that I finally have some spare



Jörgen Lundberg <jorgen@asd.campus.luth.se>

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