Re: window-in-window MDI

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> Ok. I have held off my 2 cents till now. 99% of the linux users use linux
> because of choice. We love to be able to configure every aspect of our
> boxes. One of the reasons gnome users use gnome over kde is that gnome
> gives a greater amount of choice to the end users. Dont be selfish. The
> code has already been written, it is small, dont use it if you dont like
> it. I for one wont use it, but I do like the fact that its there if I want
> it. I know it might be bad UI, but its the users choice to use it.

If the app can choose WiW MDI, there is no user choice element. It
means developers with a lack of Clue can force users into bad UI.

Where's the choice in that?

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