Re: window-in-window MDI

Ok. I have held off my 2 cents till now. 99% of the linux users use linux
because of choice. We love to be able to configure every aspect of our
boxes. One of the reasons gnome users use gnome over kde is that gnome
gives a greater amount of choice to the end users. Dont be selfish. The
code has already been written, it is small, dont use it if you dont like
it. I for one wont use it, but I do like the fact that its there if I want
it. I know it might be bad UI, but its the users choice to use it.

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Sergio A. Kessler wrote:

> ># ok, this means that if I and a bunch of guys request whatever stupid 
> ># feature (and people agree that _is_ a stupid feature) to be included 
> ># in gnome libs (let take apart the bloat) it would be included ? 
> ># wow ... 
> >There's degrees of stupidness and relevance. :-) 
> >In my (very) humble opinion, whether a feature should be included or not 
> >should be based on a number of factors: 
> [snip of complicated questions]
> you seem complicated (maybe is why you want wiw mdi)
> simpler questions:
> - is this a good feature ?
> - there are better alternatives ?
> if the reply is 'no', 'yes', well ...
> Sergio
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