Re: window-in-window MDI

time for a little comment.

Mo McKinlay wrote:
> Pros
> ----
> - People want it
I was under that impression too, but now they seem to keep a low profile

> - It's already implemented
> - It's only an option
> - control-center will have an option to prevent applications from forcing
>   it on
will it?

> - Removing it won't be overly difficult in future, if needs be
no, it won't

one more Pro: choice, choice, choice...

> Cons
> ----
> - Many people don't like it, and see it as a bad design
> - It requires WM support in order to function
no, it doesn't.

> - It would have to be maintained
so why not dump the whole libgnomeui. everything in there needs to be

and let me add one more con: it looks ugly ;)

it is, however, nice to see such a minor issue spark such a discussion.
anyway for the
time being the code stays in. reverting it via CVS is not an option
since a number of other changes went in with it. if the decision is not
to include WiW mode, I'll manually remove the related code before the
API freeze for gnome-libs 2.0. it isn't going to be much work.




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