RE: window-in-window MDI

Ok, here's my 2-cents on this too long thread.

Please get rid of this "feature".

1) as already pointed out it will have to be maintained forever

2) We are spending valuable resources that could be best used
elsewhere. The discussion has gotten very complicated on how
best to implemement it. This initial thought was its easy, its
already in there so leave. The truth seems to be it in there
half-baked (no offense I beleive even the author said it was 
temp code) and to do it right will take effort and almost no
one wants it.

>From a business standpoint these completely fails the cost/benefit
anyalsis. Please rip out the code and let us never dicusss this again!

> On Fri, Mar 17, 2000 at 12:51:30PM +0000,
> Gustavo Joćo Alves Marques Carneiro <> wrote:
> >    Yes! I agree. Applications souldn't be able to select 
> any particular
> > kind of MDI mode. User settings should be always honored. I 
> vote for that.
> But applications have to be able to choose MDI mode. All MDI
> applications should have an option in their preferences dialog
> selecing the MDI mode. The app should go with this setting and
> never touch it. Why? Because i want the default mode to be
> top-level windows, but i want my IRC client (which also uses MDI)
> to use notebook MDI.
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