Re: window-in-window MDI

"Poletti, Don" wrote:

> 1) as already pointed out it will have to be maintained forever
"forever" is such a strong word... you don't really think you'll be
using this API
in 2036, do you?

> already in there so leave. The truth seems to be it in there
> half-baked (no offense I beleive even the author said it was 
> temp code) and to do it right will take effort and almost no
> one wants it.
not really. it's in there and it works. it's just ugly. it resembles the
MS MDI. if it proves unneeded, it's going out before the API freeze. for
the time
being, the code stays in, as it does no harm: most people don't port or
develop applications against an unfrozen API & unstable code.




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