Re: window-in-window MDI

# There are better implementations everywhere. The tabbed notebook MDI
# that GNOME *already has*. The kind of mdi used by apps such as borland
# builder and the gimp. (One main application window with multiple toplevel
# document windows.

Hold on a second, back up.

When I said better implementation, I wasn't referring to MDI, I was
referring to WiW MDI. Maybe people don't like the tabbed notebook MDI?
Maybe people don't like having windows scattered all around the desktop as
the GIMP does?

# These are great solutions, and can of course be coupled with the
# window grouping available in current window managers.

So what you're saying can get almost the same effects using other
methods, so why bother?

# Best of all, they don't break everything, like this one does.

I fail to see how WiW MDI "breaks everything".

# You didn't tackle *any* of the points I made. You can't blame "code
# which will be improved". The points I made are intractable with this
# design.

Your points pretty much centered around you not liking how it looks. What
you FAIL to see is that others DO like how it looks, and how it works.

# Just because a few users think they want something doesn't mean it has
# to be provided. Especially when it is Wrong.

Forget that last sentence and you might have a point. "Especially when it
is Wrong" is no kind of reasoning.

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