Re: window-in-window MDI

Mo McKinlay <> el día Sat, 18 Mar 2000 02:58:02 
+0000 (GMT), escribió:

># Best of all, they don't break everything, like this one does.
>I fail to see how WiW MDI "breaks everything".

then you aren't reading the messages ...


See the way the wm has no control over those child windows?

See how they look, feel and behave differently for the user?

See how the buttons are in different places?

See how it won't follow the same window switching keybindings the
user set up for his/her wm?

See how it doesn't even follow *gtk* themes, let alone wm ones?

See how it goes against all that is X and UNIX?

See how in the code the app can specify this mode and offer no
alternative to the user?

anyway, it's kind of patetic to see people defend a feature that
is =universally= agreed as bad (and with many potential problems), 
just because three people want it ...


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