Re: window-in-window MDI

# I'm afraid that until WiW can be done 'properly' with co-operation from
# the WM then IMHO this is a dirty hack and doesn't really have a place in
# the consistent and smooth feel that the rest of Gnome presents.  Even then
# I'd query it.

# Yes Linux/GNU/Free software/UNIX is about choice, but that does not mean
# that projects can't say no to a bad feature.  If the supporters of WiW
# want to maintain this as a patch to Gnome then that is the freedom
# afforded them by the GPL, but I don't really think that this should be in
# the main Gnome distributions.

These are both fair points, and I'll concede to both of them. So far, the
majority of arguments against WiW MDI in GNOME have been people who don't
like WiW MDI /as a whole/ arguing against whether this spawn-of-satan
style of MDI should be allowed into GNOME. (There were exceptions to that,
granted). Very little of it actually covered this particular
implementation - which, in fairness, I believe is what this discussion
should have been about in the first place.

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