Re: Please die: window-in-window MDI (hey that rhymed)

* Derek Simkowiak ( wrote:
> 	I think it's safe to say this discussion has degenerated into
> rehash.  I myself have deleted at least a dozen WiW MDI messages today
> without reading them, then came back to the discussion and realized I had
> missed nothing.

Yeah, your posts looked very much like you weren't reading stuff you
were replying to ;)

> 	I think it's appropriate to ask that the project maintainers reach
> an "executive decision" and kill this thread.  I'm not sure if that's Owen
> or not (I thought Tom was a 'core' developer, maybe his decision stands?)

Urm. No. I just write a couple of apps for GNOME.

> but personally I think this discussion is wasting time/bandwidth.

Only the people failing to post technical reasoning are wasting

This thread should die until someone has a decent pro-WiW technical

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