A window manager alternative to WiW

Here an idea I thought of some time ago:

The window manager could supply a special application consisting of an
empty window. This window should have the property, that it will swallow
all other application dragged upon it, so after the mouse-drag, they will
appear inside the application.

This way all windows can be put into a parent window, the windows will
still have the window manager look-n-feel, and any kind of windows can be
combined into a parent windows. Now you can easily kill/minimize them all
at once, or whatever you set fit.

This concept is a kind of workspace in a window. I dont know if anybody
would use it, personally I would probably just use a regular workspace,
but it presents a different solution to the WiW, a solution with greater
flexebility. Implementing it however should be a window-manager concern
and not a GNOME concern.

Peter Søndergaard

Plain student.

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